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How much loan can I take out?

There’s a maximum amount of loan available to you based on the type of qualification you’re doing. Our Advice Team will be able to advise you of this amount.

The fee charged by Tower Hamlets College may be less than the maximum loan amount available - so in this case you’d only need to take out a loan to cover the fee being charged.

The minimum loan amount is £300.

You can take out a loan for the maximum amount to cover your fee or you can pay all or part of the course fee yourself.

Will I have to repay the full loan amount if I leave part way through the course?

No. Your loan will be paid to Tower Hamlets College in line with your attendance on the course. When you stop attending, payments will stop and you’ll only be liable to repay the amount (including any interest accrued on that amount) that’s already been paid to the college.

If I leave my course part of the way through will I be required to pay the remainder of the fee to the college even if my loan payments have stopped?

Before you enrol on the course you’ll need to enter into an agreement with Tower Hamlets College. This agreement should include the fee they’re charging you and what you’ll be required to pay if you don’t complete the course.

Calculate Loan Repayments 24+How much of the course costs will the loan cover?

The loan should cover the tuition fee charged by Tower Hamlets College. You’ll need to agree with the college, all of the costs associated with the course and that the loan will be able to cover these costs.

Can I get additional support to help with childcare and travel?

The 24+ Advanced Learning Loan only covers the fee you’re being charged by Tower Hamlets College for your course. However, it’s possible the college will be able to provide financial support for course related costs for those facing financial hardship. Our Advice Team will be able to provide you with more information on the help and support they can make available to you.

If my Higher Apprenticeship has a HE element in the framework, will I have the option to apply for an HE loan?

Yes. If your Higher Apprenticeship framework is made up of both FE and HE elements, you can apply for separate loans to cover both of these elements.

Source: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, 2013


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