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Student Union

Students’ Union, Voluteering & Getting Involved

The Students’ Union is the perfect way to get truly involved in College life. You are the voice of the learner, and help make College even better than it already is. Not only does it make your time at Tower Hamlets College more enjoyable, but it also looks great on your CV. At Tower Hamlets College, you can make things happen. Why not set up a society? Music, books, chess, jewellery, films, politics – whatever your interest, if you can find 10 other students interested in the same thing you can apply to create your own society. We also link up with various London based and national volunteering agencies – Sports Makers, The Challenge, Thames 21 (leading waterways charity), Volunteering England and Toynbee Hall.

Student Union

Want to know more come to the SU in Rm G19 between 10.30-4pm or call 0207 536 5780 or alternatively email SU@tower.ac.uk

THC Students Union is affiliated the National Union of Students (Nus) and acts as the main voice of the learner (student voice). THC Students Union organise many events and activities which are enjoyed by students and staff at the College including talent shows, karaoke and end of year trips to Thorpe Park.

Clubs and Societies

THC Students Union supports a wide range of student run clubs and societies and we help to fund activities such as day trips. Past and presents societies include:

  • Islamic Society
  • Christian Society
  • Women’s Society
  • Book Club
  • Arbour Cool Boys
  • Arbour Active Girls

Class / Tutor Group Reps

Each tutor group elects Class/Tutor Group representatives (‘Reps’) who meet regularly with our staff. They make suggestions about how we might do things better, voice any concerns and highlight the good things about the College. The Class/Tutor Group reps collectively make up the College Student Council. This way our students have a say in how the College is run and have the opportunity to feedback on what is good and what needs improving in the College. Two Class/Tutor Group reps per Tutor Group are elected during the first half of the Autumn Term. Ask your tutor for more details of how to become one.

How Does THC Students Union Work?

The Union is elected from the student body each year; look out for them in your lessons. The executive Posts include: President, Vice Present Secretary, Vice President Treasurer, Women’s Officer, Newsletter Editor and the Entertainment Officer along with a number of general executive members who can be co opted into the team. The executive are Based in Poplar Room G19 and part time at Arbour Square Room LG13. Their availability can be found posted on notice boards and plasma screens around the College.

Elections for the senior Executive Committee posts - President, Treasurer and Secretary are held in May each year. Additional Officers are elected and co-opted to the Executive Committee in the autumn term.

The President of the THCSU is the lead worker within the group and chairs all meetings supported by the Administrator. The Executive Committee meets every two weeks and communicates with all members of the SU and feeds back students’ views to College managers, the people who can change things for students.

The Voice Of The Learner

All learners, individually and collectively, have an entitlement to participate in the continuous improvement of their college experience and in the evaluation of their teaching and learning through the following mechanisms:

  1. Tower Hamlets College Student Union (THCSU): All learners automatically become members of THCSU on enrolment unless they choose to opt out.
  2. Student Representative: Each tutor group from every curriculum area of the College will select two learners whose role is to voice the views of the whole group at course team meetings, student council meetings and programme area meetings including the focus group sessions with the Head of Programme.
  3. Student Union Executive committee: Elected by the student body, the Executive are the senior team of THCSU. They will ensure that the views of learners voiced at the student council or other formal and informal channels are taken forward to the appropriate management forums, student council and annual general meetings. The SU executive team will meet weekly and will be supported by the Enrichment and Youth team to develop the necessary skills and confidence to plan and run the SU and its meetings.
  4. Student Council: Tutor group representatives and the student union executive team comprise the management of the THCSU which meets six times a year. A schedule of dates for student council meetings will be publicised and minutes of meetings will be made available on the student intranet – Jupiter.
  5. Governor meetings: Two learners are elected as student governors, one of whom is the president of the Students’ Union. They attend the Board of Corporation meetings. Both student governors receive support and guidance on the operations of the governing body.
  6. College management forums: At least two student representatives from the executive attend designated management groups.

The College Corporate body has The President of the Students' Union is a member of the College Corporation - the main governing body of the college (Student Governor).


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