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Proposal for New Academy School

Tower Hamlets College is planning to set up a new academy school in the borough for children aged 11-16. The ethos of this new academy school is to prepare young people for careers in business and finance and also in other sectors like administration, engineering, health and sciences, digital and IT amongst others.

We believe that this academy school will help to meet the needs of an increasing local population in Tower Hamlets, as well as equip local young people to take advantage of the planned expansion of Canary Wharf which will create new job opportunities in these and other related sectors.

The academy school will be called the Tower Business and Finance Academy and will offer students a broad curriculum taught by experienced and qualified teachers, many of whom have commercial and financial experience. The College’s most recent Ofsted inspection report praised the College’s business course provision as outstanding and complimented its relationships with leading London companies which provided students with a career path after completion of their studies.

Tower Hamlets College has strong relationships and links with prestigious international companies based in Canary Wharf and the City of London. These relationships will enhance the curriculum we propose to offer and provide career opportunities for the students at the end of their studies. Students of the academy will follow an internship preparation programme which will enable them to gain an internship in a leading London business.

At age 16, students will have the opportunity to automatically progress onto further and higher level courses within the college, including A levels and a wide range of well-established vocational programmes leading to careers in growing sectors such as nursing, technology and construction, as well as in business and finance.

We believe that it is important for all pupils to have a personalised programme, one which develops their skills and interests, particularly their language skills in order for them to fully access a broad curriculum. The college has a proven track record in teaching young people from 14 years old and newly arrived in the country, who rapidly develop their English language skills and progress to a range of academic courses.

All pupils will receive individual support to ensure that they reach their potential and that there are no barriers to their learning and progress. Existing expertise in the college will influence the development of a wellbeing and safeguarding programme for pupils which promotes their spiritual, morale, social and cultural development.

Whilst the careers of tomorrow may not yet have been invented, our aim is to equip young people to compete in a global economy with confidence, drive and resilience.

Please register your support for the new school here.

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